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Robert Sauter, ADAC e.V. München, Head of Mobility Tests

"For many years now, Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe has been our partner when it comes to translating our mobility tests within the scope of EuroTest, the international consumer protection programme. We have come to appreciate the firm’s strong commitment to service. This is expressed in at all times prompt delivery even at short notice, combined with friendly co-operation and assistance."

Logo Alstom Power Conversion

Stephan Wilke, Alstom Power Conversion, Marketing Berlin

"We make amazing things happen" is the claim made by ALSTOM Power Conversion. Goldin, Dalton und Wittgrebe ensures that this is understood throughout the world. We specialise in automation systems for the metals, paper and other process industries as well as in drive solutions for the new markets in the field of wind energy and test beds. Even before ALSTOM Power Conversion came into being, we were able to rely on competent, fast and reliable translations in this field. ALSTOM, for example, has profited for 25 years now from the quality translations supplied by Goldin, Dalton und Wittgrebe.
To put it in a nutshell: a quarter of a century experience is convincing!

Bausch & Lomb GmbH

Dr. Joachim H. Dresp, Bausch & Lomb GmbH, Scientific Director

"Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe is our partner of choice when it comes to translating technical/scientific texts in the field of medicine and pharmaceutical products. Their speed and good prices for even the most urgent jobs deserve special mention."

Logo Converteam GmbH

Sebastian Bose, Converteam GmbH, Manager Internal Communications

"We can look back over many years of intensive co-operation with Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe. Thanks to their vast experience in technical text, the translators in the team can reliably handle even very complex and detailed translations. What I appreciate in particular is their fast delivery, sometimes even before the agreed deadline, and their willingness to find solutions at short notice for unforeseen, urgent projects."

Kristina Göpel, Communication/
promotional advisory officer,
Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg

"ILB Is committed to supporting public and private investment in the economy, jobs, infrastructure and housing. Backed by funds from the federal state, federal government, the European Union and its own funds, ILB offers low-interest loans, grants, guarantees along with venture capital and investment capital.
Since 2011, ILB has been commissioning Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe with the translation of its annual accounts. ILB has come to appreciate the timely, friendly and competent service offered by this translation firm.


Dr. Walther Kösters, Web & Publications Manager, D-TRUST GmbH

"Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe have already translated a host of websites and brochures into English for us. This is no easy task since many of these texts were very complicated, new and scattered with special terminology. We are very satisfied with their services - quality, adherence to deadlines, speed - and also their price."

Logo HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie GmbH

Gero Randerath, chief technical editor, HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie GmbH

"HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie GmbH strives to produce the best possible laser machining tools for its customers. Our complex products require high-quality technical documentation. In an international market, the quality of translation is also decisive. We have learned to rely on Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe when it comes to clearly explaining our products in English."

Prof. Dr. Lutz Wicke, Undersecretary of State for the Environment (retired) in BerlinDirector, ESCP-EAP European School of Management

"Ms Dalton-Stein and Mr Ralph Wittgrebe, Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe, prepared the English translation of my study titled "GCCS: Sustainable Climate Protection Policy through a Market and Incentive-orientated Global Climate Certificate System", parts I and II, carried out on behalf of the Ministry for the Environment and Transport of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. The translators did an excellent job of translating the extremely complicated, technical and legal content of this work in a precise and comprehensible manner. This required a very high degree of understanding for the text, familiarity with the current climate policy debate as well as excellent linguistic skills."

Peters, Head of Language Services, Federal Ministry of the Interior

"When it comes to translating text in the field of IT, for instance, in conjunction with the BundOnline 2005 project, central IT infrastructures of the federal government and IT security, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is pleased to work with Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe because their translations are accurate and precise, as well as carefully and thoroughly researched. Their straightforward co-operation as well as the quality and timely delivery of translations are appreciated by both the Language Service and the various units."

Logo Fraunhofer-Institut

Dr. Wolf v. Reden, Scientific Officer, Director of Press and PR, Frauenhofer Institute

"The nature of the work carried out by Fraunhofer-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Berlin, is in itself often complicated. Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe ensure that the whole world understands the results of our research. Apart from the quality of the translations, we have come to know Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe as a partner who handles our translation needs fast, reliably and in a pleasantly unbureaucratic manner. We hope to continue working successfully with Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe for many years to come."

Hava Kohav-Beller Regisseurin "The Burning Wall", Hava Kohav Theatre Foundation, New York

"Ms Helen Dalton-Stein and Mr Ralph Wittgrebe, GOLDIN, DALTON & WITTGREBE, worked as simultaneous interpreters for me during a film project in Germany over a period of five years. This work, at times very emotional and moving, called for a high degree of professionalism. Working times often exceeded ten hours a day under very exacting conditions. I have come to know Ms Helen Dalton-Stein and Mr Ralph Wittgrebe as precise and conscientious interpreters who greatly contributed towards the success of the film."

Logo Hochtief

Carsten Sellschopf/Sven Gehrke, HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung GmbH, Berlin-Brandenburg Branch

"Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe supplied the legal and technical translations for a large-scale project of our company with English-speaking business partners. Their services also included the related interpretation work during technical meetings with the customer and during the notarisation process. Thanks to the firm’s professionalism, the technical specifications were completed without any problems and on time, whilst meetings between the architects, lawyers and finance experts involved went smoothly. We will not hesitate to commission the firm once again for similar projects."

Logo J.S.K Dipl. Ing. Architekten

Dipl.-Ing.Volker Rumler, J.S.K Dipl.-Ing. Architekten

"Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe have been working for J.S.K. Dipl. Ing. Architekten since 2001. The translation firm primarily worked on extensive English translations for a major project, successfully demonstrating their ability to precisely handle the required technical and project-specific terminology.Due to this good collaboration, we decided to once again rely on the competence, flexibility and expertise of Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe for another current large-scale project. We can hence rest assured that we will receive even very large quantities of text precisely translated and on schedule."

Meissner, Bolte & Partner, German Patent Attoneys - Attorneys at Law, www.mbp.de

"We have come to know Mr Wittgrebe as a reliable, competent and flexible partner when dealing with our foreign clients. We can always be sure to receive high quality work."

Logo PKF FASSELT SCHLAGE Partnerschaft mbB Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Rechtsanwälte, Duisburg

Christian Müller-Kemler, Managing Partner at PKF FASSELT SCHLAGE Partnerschaft mbB Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Rechtsanwälte, Duisburg

“Up to now, Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe have completed for us English into German translations of six comprehensive US GAAP financial statements of a major US stock corporation. In terms of content, style and terminology, the translations were precise, demonstrating a profound understanding of the legal and economic context. We were also pleased to note that despite the many illustrations, charts, etc., the translations had the same layout as the source files, a level of technical expertise that is quite unusual for a translation office. The team’s strict adherence to deadlines and its flexibility combined with extremely competitive prices also deserve special mention. We have come to know Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe as a very efficient and reliable partner and we look forward to working with them time and again.”

Logo PSI Transportation GmbH

Erhard Peter, PSI Transportation GmbH

"As an international subsidiary of a global corporation, the English language is simply a must for us. This is particularly true when it comes to the quick and accurate translation of technical texts, such as manuals, descriptions and also product presentations. We have placed our trust in Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe who have been serving us for years now with excellent work, not just in terms of quality and speed, but also in terms of price - both now and in the future."

Dipl.- Ing. Hans Zimmer, CEO SFE GmbH

"Our claim "Solutions For Excellence" is a commitment. We employ this philosophy not just for our own products and services, but also when selecting our partner companies. The high level of technical competence at Goldin, Dalton and Wittgrebe ensures that our translations meet with this high demand. No complications and fast co-operation mean that we have found an absolutely reliable partner in Goldin, Dalton und Wittgrebe. And we can continue to concentrate on our own day-to-day business."

Logo TMS Tele-Marketing-Service GmbH

Anabel Schaus, Projektreferentin, TMS Tele-Marketing-Service GmbH

"The ITB Congress "Electronics in Tourism" ranks among the most reputed accompanying events to the annual ITB Berlin. And reputation brings with it obligations. With Goldin, Dalton and Wittgrebe there to help us, this quality is also reflected in our translations."

Logo Umweltbundesamt

Thomas Hagbeck, Press Relations Officer for the Federal Environmental Agency

"The Federal Environmental Agency is a multi-disciplinary institution – and this makes work quite tricky for translators. When it came to translating our Annual Report, Goldin, Dalton & Wittgrebe did an excellent job of coming to terms with the particular language of the different disciplines. Besides prompt and meticulous service, we specifically value the proximity and flexibility with which questions are immediately discussed and clarified."

Logo WWF

Mandy Schoßig, Communications EU Emissions Trading

"GOLDIN, DALTON & WITTGREBE provided WWF with reliable and precise support when it came to translating technical documents. We appreciated their straight-forward, prompt and at all times obliging form of co-operation and would not hesitate to recommend them to others. We know that we can continue to rely on you and hence look forward to further projects with you!"